Current Version: v1.11 Beta (Updated: 3/14/2017)


Change Log:

v1.11 - Fixed: Oculus Touch models would appear in front of you if even if no Oculus Touch controllers were connected or their batteries were removed/dead.
v1.11 - Fixed: Better handling of input devices
v1.11 - Updated: Unity Engine to 5.5.2p2
v1.10 - Added: 2 new environments, Stonehenge and the ECW Office
v1.10 - Added: Initial basic support for Oculus Touch. Press Y button on Left Touch for a command layout diagram or consult the user guide.
v1.10 - Added: 360 Video playback support with accompanimental menu and tablet options. Supports hemispherical and spherical 360 video formats. See guide for usage info.
v1.10 - Added: Initial Streaming video support. To Use: Save a plain txt file with a .strm extension containing the URL to stream and open via file menu. Supports same formats as supported by VLC.
v1.10 - Added: Visual indication on left hand when motion control tablet is actively deployed. (Thanks Alex!) If button stays green that means tablet has been deployed and is active.
v1.10 - Added: New scene selection options in Motion controlled tablet and OSD Menu.
v1.10 - Changed: Filenames in file select menus were too long to fit into menu buttons, they are now usefully truncated.
v1.10 - Updated: Unity Engine updated to v5.5.1p2                                  ³
v1.0 - Added: Support for Oculus Remote for file selection/navigation
v1.0 - Updated: Unity Engine updated to v5.4.0p2
v1.0 - Fixed: Eye Fade textures would show artifacting at top upon scene change with Rift CV1 due to improper size
v1.0 - Changed: Tweaks to tablet/control panel activation for Leap Motion making it easier to use
v1.0 - Changed: Reworked controller input system to be more stable and now fully Windows 10 Anniversary compatible
v1.0 - Fixed issue where Black and white arrows would appear in user's view when moving around via positional tracking                                           ³
v0.83 - Updated: Unity engine to 5.3.4p4
v0.83 - Updated: Oculus plugin/utilities to 1.3.2
v0.83 - Fixed: Problems with Xbox One controller still not working properly.
v0.82 - Fixed: Problems with Xbox One controller under Windows 10 which would render the application unusable. Now Supports both Xbox 360 (xinput) and Xbox One Gamepads in all supported OSes.
v0.82 - Fixed: Problems with motion control tablet improperly displaying buttons when switching from/to Direct video and file mode.
v0.82 - Fixed: Extra unwanted displays being added when returning from passsthrough mode back to Mnemonic modes.
v0.82 - Fixed: Back button on motion control file select panel would double press in Mnemonic Modes.
v0.82 - Fixed: Void modes would not properly resume video upon scene switch.
v0.82 - Fixed: Focus loss on file menus in Mnemonic modes.
v0.82 - Changed: Text on motion control tablet more legible.
v0.82 - Changed: Tweaks to buttons on the motion control file navigation panels.
v0.81 - Updated: Now compatible with Oculus Platform 1.3 and Oculus CV1 (DK2 is still supported)
v0.81 - Updated: Leap Motion assets updated to v4.0.2 (Fixes some various jankyness)
v0.81 - Changed: Renamed Matrix modes to Mnemonic.
v0.81 - Changed: Default quality setting changed to "Fantastic"
v0.81 - Added: Very simple web browser added to the Mnemonic modes (It is buggy and slow but will improve later)
v0.81 - Fixed: Long filenames would overflow off UI elements.
v0.81 - Changed: Tablet spawn positioning and some changes to the buttons to make them slightly more sensitive
v0.81 - Updated: Unity engine updated to 5.3.4p1
v0.81 - Fixed: File select up/down buttons on the motion control navi panel would play sound effect twice.
v0.81 - Fixed: Focus loss in file select menu.
v0.81 - Changed: Mnemonic modes now have 1 display shown by default.
v0.80 - Updated: Leap Motion Orion (v3.0) support added (Results in much improved hand tracking with Leap Motion)
v0.80 - Changed: Moved tablet activation button to the back of the left hand.
v0.80 - Fixed: Numerous janky button issues in various spots.
v0.80 - Fixed: Numerous bugs resulting in loss of keyboard/gamepad control in some scenes.
v0.80 - Changed: New panel buttons in the AR Matrix mode, nicer looking and more stable.
v0.80 - Changed: New sound when opening tablet and config panel in Matrix modes.
v0.80 - Changed: New buttons on dynamic displays in both Matrix and AR Matrix modes. Cleaner and more reliable.
v0.80 - Fixed: Leap Motion device showing in Direct Video device list sometimes.
v0.80 - Added: Ability to pinch and reisize displays in Matrix and AR matrix Modes
v0.80 - Changed: Reset button in Matrix and AR Matrix modes now sorts the avalible displays in a circle around the user instead of removing them.
v0.80 - Changed: Removed show config button from Matrix modes, each dynamic display now has its own config button in top left corner.
v0.80 - Updated: Unity engine updated to 5.3.3p2
v0.80 - Added: Asteroids in Space enviroment are now grabbable.
v0.77 - Fixed: Ambient scene sounds would not mute when displaying a Direct Video device.
v0.77 - Updated: Unity engine updated to 5.3.1p1 (Contains the Oculus CPU wait fix resulting in a performance increase.)
v0.76 - Added: Direct video device support added to all modes. Can be selected via tablet or on screen file menu.
v0.76 - Changed: Audio Mute status will now be remembered between scenes and applied accordingly (doesn’t apply to matrix modes)
v0.76 - Fixed: some of the jankyness with some of the buttons on the tablet due to incorrect settings on button
v0.76 - Fixed: navigation buttons up/down would double play sound effect on button press.
v0.76 - Fixed: When selecting "exit" in the on-screen file menu in void modes, navigation controls would not close.
v0.751 - Fixed: Scene cycle button on tablet incorrectly changed to void mode which resulted in no way back to island scene.
v0.751 - Fixed: Skip buttons on control tablet didn’t play sound effect.



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