eyesmalltrans 20 December 2016 @ 8:35pm EST - Written by: Brad

This video demonstrates some of the 360 Video capabilities of VRTheatre. This captured video is filmed direct with Oculus Rift + Leap Motion + Oculus Touch. The first half of the video, the 360 feed is being taken live directly from a Kodak SP360 Camera positioned up and behind the user, streaming in real time via the camera's WiFi connection and compressed via our proprietary compression technology allowing the stream to be transferred with incredibly low bandwidth yet still maintaining quality. The latency in the video is unfortunately due to the Kodak SP360's limitations via the mjpeg WiFi stream (This is an undocumented feature of this camera anyway). The second half of the video features some video footage taken with the SP360 and streamed via a 4G gateway back to a remote server for compression/storage for later viewing, again using our proprietary compression technology. The VRTheatre update containing 360 Video playback support will be released very soon!


Check out the video below:



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