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Virtual Command Presence is a hybrid reality application that allows the user to display multiple high definition videos from a variety of sources simultaneously on multiple virtual monitors existing around the user in 3D space. VCP features both virtual and augmented reality modes allowing users to be fully immersed in the virtual environment, or stay connected with the real world by utilizing augmented reality to view virtualized displays. 



  • Display multiple high definition videos from a variety of sources such as:Oculus Rift 2 1024x576trans

•    Locally connected webcams
•    Game consoles, DVR, cable boxes, or other devices connected via locally connected video capture devices
•    Streaming video via RTSP/RTMP/MJPEG/MMS from IP security/web cameras or other video sources
•    Locally stored video files
•    360 Video Camera support

  • Virtual and Augmented reality modes
  • User interface built for tracked controllers (Leap Motion, Vive, Ximmerse, Oculus Touch)
  • Support for multiple hardware configurations (Oculus Rift + Leap Motion, Oculus Rift + Touch, or HTC Vive)





The video below demonstrates the Augmented Reality Display Mnemonic mode in Virtual Command Presence. Each display is dynamic and can be generated, deleted, moved, resized, have its source changed, and be made transparent each independently of one another. The user is able to view their video feeds while still maintaining situational awareness.





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