The Mnemonics platform is a unique virtual and augmented reality command and control application that allows its user to utilize VR and motion controls to manipulate virtualized display panels containing video, audio, web content or even control remote computer systems. These capabilities give the user an unprecedented level of organization and control over such things as online databases, information panels, cloud services such as AWS, Azure etc, video surveillance feeds, or nearly anything else that would traditionally be displayed on a real display panel.

The Mnemonics platform becomes the users own personal command center allowing complete control over the contents, size, placement, and number of displays. The user’s customized command center could then be shared with other users via online multiuser connectivity allowing for remote collaboration. Using the flexibility, portability, and low cost of VR/AR Mnemonics is the perfect addition or replacement to existing command or operation center setups. Target markets include disaster relief/management, first responders, military/law enforcement.


You can try a beta of Mnemoics as part of our VRTheatre application! Click here for more information.


Below is actual footage captured within the application:


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