eyesmalltrans 09 March 2016 @ 1:42am EST - Written by: Brad

VRTheatre v0.80 has been released! This new version is a major leap forward with many new additions and bug fixes including Leap Motion Orion support. Also, included in this release is the new Mnemonic window manager mode allowing moveable and resizable displays!


Below is a video of the new Mnemonic window manager mode with moveable/resizeable displays:

Click here for more information on VRTheatre.



eyesmalltrans 12 January 2016 @ 11:21pm EST - Written by: Brad

For the last few months we have been working with leading IoT companies to create prototype interfaces for display of sensor data in a virtual enviroment.

The video below shows one of the prototypes we created to display sensor data streaming from IoT devices for the Rail industry. In the video different examples of accessing and displaying the sensor data is demonstrated. The user is able to seamlessly switch between the three. For more information click here.





eyesmalltrans 12 November 2015 @ 12:26 EST - Written by: Brad

 We are very excited to announce VRTheatre! A Virtual Reality media player powered by VLC.

 VRTheatre has been entered into this years Leap Motion 3D Jam! If you enjoy the software please vote for us!


- Playback engine powered by VLC. Supports most formats supported by VLC Icon.tiny VLC
- Direct video device display support (allows things like webcams, capture cards etc to be displayed)
- Multiple immersive video watching locations (asteroid, island, void, etc)
- AR modes (Leap Motion Required)
- Resizeable screen
- Dynamically generatable and movable display mode (Matrix mode)
- Multiple supported control types: Leap Motion (Recommended), Gamepad, Keyboard and Mouse or any combo of the three


We will also soon be making our VLC Unity plugin available to other developers via the asset store! More information on this will be available soon!


For more information and download links go here.



eyesmalltrans 19 October 2015 @ 5:26 EDT - Written by: Brad

New footage of the Display Matrix Mode in Virtual Command Presence (VCP). Over the last several months we have worked hard to improve the interactions with the displays and are very pleased with the progress Leap Motion has made with their SDK and Unity 5.1+ support. We are now able to achieve much better control over the displays.The footage was captured directly from Unity 5.2's main display output.





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